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Arrowflight Data Services is a small company, located in East Amherst, NY, which specialises in the design of custom databases and interactive websites for Charities and small businesses. Our principals, who moved back to the United States from the United Kingdom in 2007, have many years' experience in Computer Consulting and database design in both countries, and designed and continued, until recently, to manage websites for a number of Charities.

On the energy side, we are developing a specialty in consulting on home energy (particularly electricity) use. We work with PV Solar engineers and installers, principally in assisting their customers to minimise and optimise their electricity use prior to and after their PV systems are installed, thereby enhancing the overall value of the systems.

This site will be continuing to expand over the next few months, with examples of some of the things we do and advice on home energy conservation and management.

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