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A major component of the system that I use to control my HVAC systems and monitor power generation (PV Solar) and usage at my home is the TED (The Energy Detective) Pro Home monitoring system. I strongly encourage individuals or companies who want to get a handle on the details of their power usage to look into the various levels of kit that they supply. A TED Pro Home system can be configured to monitor up to four independent sources of power (or major loads) and up to 32 subsidiary circuits within a single breaker panel. Detailed data about minute by minute voltage and power generation/usage are stored on a rolling basis for a couple of days and summary data for much longer periods. The stored data can be viewed by means of a browser and/or downloaded locally, or uploaded automatically to the cloud and viewed there.

Although the system works very well, nothing is perfect! On occasions (often, but not always, as a result of a utility power glitch or power outage), corrupt data gets saved in the device's memory, interfering with proper data handling and graphing. For a long time, TED users have been asking for the ability to 'edit' saved data within the system, but their programmers have not felt that this functionality should be treated as a priority for inclusion within the system's limited code space. They were, however willing to co-operate with an external programmer (me!) who offered to develop an auxiliary Application which provides what amounts to a workaround for this deficiency.

I acknowledge with most sincere thanks the information, advice and assistance that the Company's technical staff provided during its development, but the TED people have asked me to make it clear that this Application was not produced by and is not supported by The Energy Detective Company, and I am happy to do so. The Application User's Manual gives more information about what it does (and some about how it does it), and links to copies of the current versions of .exe and .msi installers can be found in the sidebar to the right. The program is released as 'donationware'. It won't nag you to Register and the versions here will be the latest stable versions, with no 'missing pieces'. If you find it useful, please send a donation ($5.00 suggested).

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